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Angel City Audio (ACA) Speakers



3-Way Floorstanding Passive Loudspeaker

$11,999 per pair (Satin Black)
$13,999 per pair (Piano Black)

$25,000 (Seraphim Prime with upgraded internal components, and special custom paint)

In Christian tradition, the Seraphim were angels who mediate between heaven and earth, singing to God Himself.  Our Seraphim is a messenger of heavenly sound from the City of Angels, singing to you in ways that will leave you mesmerized.

The Seraphim - ACA's newest creation - is a 3-way floor-standing speaker that builds on the well-received Trinity LCR to set a new standard for performance.  The Seraphim retains much of the Trinity's rich, clear presentation, but has a more refined top end and brings true full range performance with prodigious levels of deep, accurate bass.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding shows where you can hear Seraphim for yourself!






Crossover Frequencies

Frequency Response




Net Weight

SEAS 1" soft dome

Custom ACA 7"

Custom ACA 7"

Point to point wired 3-way using

premium components\

High/Mid: 2kHz 4th order

Mid/Low: 400Hz 2nd order


28Hz-21kHz +/- 2dB

4 Ohms nominal (Minimum 3


91dB, 2.83Vrms, 1 meter

(WxHxD) 14" x 47.5" x 21.5"



Your Hi-end A/V solutions



2-Way Passive Loudspeaker

Starting Price:
$999 for Center
$4,749 for L/R

The ACA Trinity is a 2-way, po`rted LCR monitor designed to share duty between Home Theater and 2-channel use.  There are two tonally identical variants, with a shallower cabinet (Trinity-C) for the center and surround channels and a deeper one (Trinity-LR) for the front left and right positions.  We offer flexible bundles to form any combination to fit your needs.  The Trinity offers an exceptionally dynamic theater experience, and a refined presentation for your music.





Crossover Frequency

Frequency Response

Nominal Impedance



Net Weight

VIFA XT Concentric Ring Radiator

Custom 7"

Point to Point Wiring


45Hz-37kHz (Trinity-C)
37Hz-37kHz (Trinity-LR)

4 Ohms


Trinity-C  - (WxHxD) 24"x9"x12"
Trinity-LR - (WxHxD) 9"x24"x16"

Trinity-C - 44lbs
Trinity-LR - 50lbs each